Photo credit: Jeff Gerew


TERESSA WILCOX is a native of Rochester, NY. Her work combines classic American songwriting with bombastic high-energy rock and roll. With a career that has spanned numerous genres, it's hard to pigeonhole her sound.


Wilcox has collaborated with artists like Sam Andrew (of Big Brother and the Holding Company), penned a Top 40 hit during a stint in London, and published work through acclaimed film and theater lyricist Don Black.  She has opened for everyone from Asia to Lucinda Williams.


Her previous recordings include a self-titled acoustic album, available on iTunes and Spotify. The newest record (Big Black Heart) is aimed at capturing the raw power of her live show.  The Ballads are sweet and soulful, but the faster tunes show no mercy. 

Currently, Teressa Wilcox is collaborating and touring with Grammy nominated Singer/Songwriter Mike Brown.

Check out the calendar for upcoming shows. 

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